Future Expectations

In order to meet the increasing demand for our services and also for the implementation of planned humanitarian service projects, completion of the two remaining floors has become a priority. The each of these floors is approximately 3100 square feet. Works on these floors involve:

  • Construction of the columns and the slab for the third floor.
  • Roof structure, roofing and ceiling of the fourth floor.
  • Aluminium doors, windows and partitions

Plumbing and electrical wiringAll on-going projects are solely funded by contributions received by donors and philanthropists, and the association can complete the building only when sufficient funds are collected for the purpose.

The following projects are in the pipeline for execution when sufficient space is at hand on completion of the building.

Awareness programme for School leavers-      These programmes are aimed at school leavers who intend to continue higher studies and also for those who intend pursuing a career in a selected field. The programmes are designed to educate them on being good citizens and also expose them to career openings available in line with their qualifications for them to make choices on the career paths they wish to pursue.

Health care for under privileged and needy people – This programme intends setting up a medical centre with the voluntary service of humanitarianly concerned medical personnel to provide free medical consultation to under privileged people. The service will be made available for two hours on two selected days of the week.

Extension of Scholarship Programme– This programme is intended to provide further assistance to Advanced level students who are covered by the current scholarship programme in pursuing their university education in the event they get selected to a State university.